if you care for the insignificant
trivial affairs

I really miss the summer showers. I miss thunderstorms. Neither of those exist here in the land of eternal sunshine.


Nox Arcana - Forest Lullaby

living in SoCal will suck the soul out of anyone who has one


is there anybody out there? by michellis13

I don’t quite know how to verbalize what I am feeling. 


A model pauses to regard herself in the grand mirror of the Molyneux atelier. Paris. 1934. 
Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt

Nicole Renaud - Le Gris (by umberto daniello)


The Lovers II (1928), Rene Magritte
Stop taking pride in your ability to destroy yourself.
Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up At Night #41  (via lacenaired)

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